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IT Service Management

IT Service management (ITSM) is a concept that enables an organization to maximize business value from the use of information technology. It refers to all the activities involved in designing, creating, delivering, supporting and managing the lifecycle of IT services.

Our ITSM solution help organizations reduce downtime, prevent issues before they happen, help businesses to quickly address critical IT issues, and make efficient use of IT related human resources.

IT Service Management

Key benefits of implementing IT Service Management by MDS TS

  • Increased IT efficiency and productivity through defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Increased support to counter regulatory and compliance challenges.
  • Increased visibility and understanding of IT services.
  • Reducing IT related wastage.
  • Process implementation based on best practices.
  • Reduced incident life cycles.

Besides, implementing IT Service Management by MDS TS has business benefits by bringing actionable IT insights to the business that help in decision making.

Key business level benefits include

Better understanding of business needs

Improve the service quality and customer satisfaction

Increased value and cost efficiency

Higher IT service availability levels

MDS TS ITSM Solution is geared to transform service management and delivery, automate infrastructure, cloud and workspace processes, ability to integrate additional capabilities to extended automated processes and improve call handling.

IT Assets Management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) process involves gathering detailed hardware and software inventory information, and network assets of an organization. This information is then utilized to make tactical and strategic business decisions about IT related purchases, how these assets are used and for redistribution.

IT Asset Management is an investment that provides substantial and measurable benefits for short, medium, and long-term needs and goals.  To maximize the value generated for the company, asset management processes use the concept of an asset lifecycle to structure activities and support decision making. It tracks the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware and devices, as well as non‑IT assets, throughout their lifecycles.

MDS TS provides comprehensive ITAM Solution that includes Asset Manager covering all aspects of hardware and software in the business environment. 

IT Assets Management

Key benefits of implementing IT Assets Management

  • Licence Management to effectively track licensing status.
  • Discover hardware and software components installed in the company’s IT ecosystem.
  • Patch Management – Automating the deployment of software patches to ensure that computers are up-to-date and meet applicable security and efficiency standards.
  • Cloud-based data services for inventory insights and intelligent reporting.

Our IT solutions help organizations to leverage the captured asset data to maximize returns, minimize risks and drive increased value.

Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is the process of managing and securing all endpoint devices within an organization from a single management platform. UEM considers different devices and platforms to bring cross-platform security and management to IT departments, thus enhancing the scope of device administration and data security.

MDS TS UEM solution helps deploy operating systems and software, secure updates, software licensing, automate patch management, and endpoint security and control.  Our Endpoint suite managed through a central unified console results in efficient workspace management, simplified processes and enhanced user experience. 

Unified Endpoint Management

Key benefits of implementing Unified Endpoint Management

  • Manage, control, configure and monitor OSs (various Operating Systems), users, devices from a single console.
  • Improve IT security by keeping track of all suspicious activities across all endpoints.
  • Enhanced visibility over network devices with end-user support.

Manage, control, configure and monitor OSs (various Operating Systems), users, devices from a single console

Improve IT security by keeping track of all suspicious activities across all endpoints.

Enhanced visibility over network devices with end-user support.

Unified Endpoint Management by MDS TS enables business innovation and growth.

MDS TS is a leading player in providing Unified Endpoint Management solutions, providing automated and integrated tools that significantly reduce the workload and empower IT teams to troubleshoot quickly, improve productivity and security, and reduce costs. 

End Point Security

Endpoint Security, also referred to as Endpoint Protection, is the process of securing a business network when accessed by remote devices such as laptops, tablets smartphones or wireless devices. It aims to adequately secure every endpoint connecting to a network to block access attempts and other risky activity at these points of entry.

MDS TS provides infrastructure and endpoint security services designed to lower enterprise data and network risk, improve security protection, and enable business innovation and growth. Our Endpoint Security helps build an agile, efficient and cost-effective security infrastructure.  

MDS TS uses best practices and industry standards to guide your business in implementing a multi-pronged approach to identity, vulnerability, and threat management.

Uses Encryption and Application Control

To secure devices accessing the enterprise network. Encrypting data on endpoints and removable storage devices helps to protect against data leaks and loss. Application control prevents endpoint users from executing unauthorized applications.

A Trusted Name in the End Point Security

MDS TS provides automated and integrated tools designed to reduce threats from cyber risk, implement security approaches successfully, optimize a return on security investments and improve infrastructure protection.

Our Key Security Features

Patch for SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager)

Endpoint Manager, for Linux, Unix and Mac

Application Control, Device Control and Security Controls

Identity Management

Identity Management

Identity management—also referred to as identity and access management (IAM)—is the overarching discipline for verifying a user’s identity and their level of access to a particular system. Within that scope, both authentication and access control—which regulates each user’s level of access to a given system—play vital roles in securing user data.

The core objective of IAM systems is one digital identity per individual. Once that digital identity has been established, it must be maintained, modified and monitored throughout each user’s “access lifecycle.”

MDS TS IAM systems provide organizations with the tools and technologies to change a user’s role, track user activities, create reports on those activities, and enforce policies on an ongoing basis.

Key Points for Identity Management

  • Identity Life Cycle Management
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Access Certification
  • Third Party Integration
  • Password Reset
Our solutions are particularly effective in providing support to organization’s IT team in tracking, monitoring and controlling accounts that have access to sensitive data and information, while protecting the same through secure authentication. Through a combination of identity workflow and automation, we help enterprises achieve balance between security and productivity.