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IT Outsourcing at MDS TS

IT Outsourcing is the practice of using external service providers (an outside IT company or a freelancer) to execute and deliver information technology tasks such as business processes, application service and infrastructure solutions that impact business outcomes.

Managing costs is one of the key reasons for outsourcing IT functions. With the emergence of cloud computing, IT is no longer something that needs expensive capital investments, on-site servers and hardware


MDS TS, is one of the top IT Outsourcing Companies in Dubai and with our omni-channel contact software, we ensure customer satisfaction and a deeper level of customer engagement.

Some of the direct benefits that accrue to your organization through our services are

Strategic Consulting

IT Outsourcing partners also helps in supporting business objectives and strategic plans.

Strategic Consulting

Cost savings

Transforming fixed costs into variable costs; particularly costs related to human resources.

Cost savings


Access to domain specialists be it related to cyber security, system specialist or information security specialist Faster response time and 24*7 support


MDS TS helps its clients to develop the right IT Outsourcing strategies and vision. We deliver IT capabilities that are reliable, scalable, agile, and responsive to business needs. Based upon our extensive experience, MDS TS can readily meet and provide additional added benefits to enhance the quality and efficiency of the ICT services. All of which reduce costs and allow you to focus on adding value to core areas of the business.  

Managed IT Services

MDS TS is a managed service provider in Dubai. Managed IT services allow businesses to delegate their IT operations to an expert third-party organization (MSP – Managed Service Provider) that specializes in handling these responsibilities. The managed service provider retains responsibility for the functionality of the IT service and infrastructure.

Our managed IT services in Dubai provides proactive IT support to enterprises by way of identifying problems, troubleshooting and keeping the systems up and running. Our customer benefits from predictable pricing and the ability to focus on their core business areas.

With our managed IT services and support, MDS TS has helped organisations to achieve the benefits of increased efficiencies, improved productivity and reduced downtime.

Outsourcing managed IT services helps businesses reap the following benefits

  • Receive IT support at a significantly reduced cost as compared to creating a comparable team in-house.

  • Offer a wealth of experience from actively managing multiple client accounts that in-house teams would not collectively have.

  • Greater opportunity for security expertise and successfully enacted security policies.
Managed IT Services in Dubai UAE

Manages IT Services

Managed Network

Managed IT Systems

IT Backup and Disaster recovery

Managed Security Services

Managed Storage

Managed Database

Software Support Services

Software Support Services refers to after-sales service provided by a software publisher or vendor. These help in solving software conflicts, usability problems, supplying updates and patches for bugs and security gaps in the program. It may include new product installation services, IT relocation,  installation of product updates, migrations for major releases of software, other types of proactive or reactive on-site services, and support for custom application or infrastructure software.

MDS TS being one of the best IT Support companies in Dubai has in-depth knowledge of software maintenance and technical support service, and has an established track record. We help you run your business smoothly, make your system, website, and software product bug-free and ensure up-to-date features.

Our service offerings include:

  • Application or system enhancements and upgrades, new functionality integration.
  • Ongoing product / system maintenance, troubleshooting, bug fixing, backups, stability monitoring, and 24/7 option is available.
  • Product migration to another platform.
  • Product / solution end-users’ and clients’ support (using online chats, ticket systems), 24/7 option is available.
  • Dedicated support team.
IT Support Companies In Dubai

Contact MDS TS, one of the best IT support companies in Dubai, whether your business is looking for support on short-term or long-term basis, our comprehensive services assure top performance, generating a high return on the company’s investments.

Deployment & Implementation

Software deployment consists of installing, configuring, testing, and optimizing the performance of your software product.

Deployment and implementation of IT Software and Applications are critical phases of most IT Projects. Professional software deployment services help you make sure that your product is installed properly and securely.

Utilizing a reliable, experienced partner for your network hardware Deployment and implementation projects will help your business succeed on time.

Key Features

  • Improvement and re-engineering of deployment processes.
  • Automation of certain implementation activities.
  • Reduction of delays in deployment.
  • Post deployment support.
  • Knowledge transfer.
IT Outsourcing Companies In Dubai

MDS TS is a leading IT Support and IT outsourcing company. MDS TS is a full-service IT consulting firm in Dubai, offers full IT support service and  that specializes in deployment and implementation. Our in-house experts have the experience to efficiently plan and deploy projects of varying scale

We provide best in the industry deployment and implementation services, using proven technologies to ensure cost-effective delivery of applications to end users possible. Our team applies best practices for installation, configuration, pre and post deployment testing, project governance, troubleshooting and system integration.

Business benefits include:

  • Reduced Cost.
  • Reduced Risk.
  • Faster Deployment.
  • Frees up resources with local ones that act as  an extension of your team.

By deploying a specific high-quality software product, we help your business grow manifold.

Software Support Services