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Contact Center at MDS TS

In today’s hyper competitive business environment, it is a well-known fact that customer experience will be the key differentiating factor for organizations, perhaps becoming more importance than product and price criteria.

The rapid advancement in technology and internet is also accelerating digital transformation for companies, thus implying that customer contact centers will need to be more accessible to potential and existing customers across all possible channels.


MDS TS provides contact center solutions. The Multi-Channel approach in our Contact Center allows for high quality customer interactions and service consistently, providing deep insights into customers’ behaviors and expectations.

Key Features

  • We partner with top tier technology vendors.
  • Rich experience and proven track record in delivering automation,
    application development and analytical solutions.
  • Flexible delivery and pricing models.
  • Expert human resources and domain specialists with experiences spanning various sectors and industries.

MDS TS Contact Center helps build strong relationships with customers

MDS TS Contact Center as a service helps in building strong relationships with customers, employees, partners and suppliers by delivering customized services.

Our key contact center service features include:

  • Providing a unified customer experience.
  • Delivering a customized experience.
  • Combining human processing with AI/Automation to improve efficiency.

Deploy Omni-Channel support for all types of contact center services

This leads to significant impact on the business enterprises

  • Increasing revenue from consistent customer experience – by way of greater retention rate and cross selling of solutions.
  • Better customer insights and engagement.
  • Reduction in costs primarily because of automation.
  • Improve business agility and pro activeness with analytics and intelligent processes.
  • Market differentiation – Customer service can be a big differentiator for a business today. For instance, customers can take advantage of the self-service capabilities provided by our contact center, they can get connected to the most suitable agent to resolve their problem faster and they can interact through the channel of their choice.