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Cutting edge information and security consulting services for Enterprises that help mitigate risks and threats and keep business moving.

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Consultancy at MDS TS

Security is regularly cited as the top priority for enterprises and governments around the world. With ever growing cyber-threat and compliance requirements, it becomes challenging for most of the enterprises to govern and manage risk.

MDS TS offers IT Consulting Services that help protect your enterprise by identifying and managing vulnerabilities through assessments, simulations and mitigation strategies.

We also have global threat management services to help you identify your points of vulnerability, and managed services to strengthen in-house defenses and supplement cyber-security skills shortages.

Our IT Consulting services gives your enterprise access to the vast knowledge of our strategists — who help align your overall defensive capabilities to your enterprise’s business goals — as well as our deep technical specialists, who can advise to a granular level across the full spectrum of people, process and technology.


With our Omni-Channel contact center software, we ensure customer satisfaction and a deeper level of customer engagement.

Some of the direct benefits that accrue to your organization through our services are

Improved security posture

Our assessments and Penetration Testing cover a full suite of application and infrastructure testing. Our teams use manual and automated methodologies to provide thorough evaluations of your assets and to provide risk prioritization and mitigation recommendations.

Improved security

Threat and Risk Assessment

We help uncover system and network flaws and expertly provide prioritized information for remediation planning. This enables you to implement a proactive threat-prevention strategy, understand exposures and their potential impact and take timely, cost-effective actions that mitigate risk, protect critical assets, uncover vulnerabilities and streamline operations with proven vulnerability management.

Threat and Risk


We provide our clients with comprehensive recommendations to meet regulatory and compliance requirements, helping to make the entire process more efficient; and help in long-term strategic planning.