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Optimization and Life Cycle Management of recurring service management

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Annuity Management by MDS TS

Annuity Management focuses on management of recurring revenues with your customers; increasing the lifetime value of your customers thereby resulting in more business. In addition, it gives an insight about customers, detect early trends and opportunities for additional business, and benefit from valuable customer feedback and sales insights.

  • Multi-Channel Distribution – Layers of complex IT landscapes with multiple data sources and points of contacts combined with constantly changing customer hardware configurations – often requiring different service-level agreements, software and licence updates – made annuity management challenging and complex.
  • Full Control – Annuity Management services help you maintain full overview and control over your recurring revenues. MDS TS focuses on the entire end-to-end renewal process implying that all renewal Touch-Points are systematically captured throughout the entire annuity management life cycle.
Annuity Management

We offer services and expertise to technology manufacturers and their channel partners and help optimize and streamline management of their recurring revenues from maintenance, licensing or service businesses. This holds true for maintenance contracts for IT hardware manufacturers, licence and support contracts for software vendors, or maintenance agreements for network manufacturers.

Annuity Management Solutions by MDS TS

Driven by advanced technology, data analytics and experienced service sales experts, we increase sales and income from your service revenue business. We offer solutions that allow us to provide our customers with optimum support for their entire service revenue lifecycle. Our solutions include the following:

    • Renewal Management – includes Contract Renewal Service, Channel Renewal Support Service, Reminder and Rescue Service, Renewal and Quoting Service.

    • IT Assets Management – Supported by a suite of highly specialised IT systems and tools, our services cover the entire spectrum of the annuity management business life cycle.

    • Customer Success Management – With our Annuity Management services customized to your business, you will reap benefits from greater recurring revenues, better renewal rates, higher customer retention and more valuable sales insights.